The Anthology Cosmology

Anthology. What a delicious word! It sounds like a trendy hipster fusion restaurant, and in many ways, it is. Different literary flavors come together in a (reasonably) convenient bite. The accumulated talent of my classmates has gotten me reflecting on the nature of what we are actually publishing. Read more


The Audacity Publishing

I knew that the process of writing and publishing was scary. I thought this class would banish some of the fog, demystifying the process and the industry. If there is one thing that I have learned about the Publishing world through this class it is this:

Publishing is so much more frightening than I thought.

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The New “Republic of Letters”

“Sharing is caring,” or so the adage goes. But to what extent is that true? How tightly should we as writers hold fast to our intellectual property as our own? The common sentiment among many of us is that our writings and musings represent a part of our identities. They are the results of our innermost musings, greatest fears and greatest struggles. Or, they could be the pathetic, half-hearted efforts of hopeless ennui.

Some people have a rare form of diligence that will not let them rest from a project until the finished product is their best work. I admit that I am not that person. Not everything I write is my best effort, and some of it I don’t have the slightest regard for.  Read more

Remember Your Foundations


My brother is an artist; an artist with a lot of true talent but one who suffers from lack of direction. One day we were driving somewhere, stressing out about the uncertainties of future education plans. In frustration he blurted out a stab at my vocation, along the lines of “At least I create things. All you can do is look at stuff dead people have done in the past.”

My retort went along the lines of “That is exactly what you do every day. You rely on artists before you. Nobody creates in a vacuum.”

He looked at me in stunned silence. “That is honestly the most insulting thing you have ever said to me.”

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