Farewell to my first blog, unlikely friend. Brief and hurried was our time together. We were so young and flustered then, thrown together by chance, necessity and a higher power (my writing professor that is).

I grumbled and complained about you, my blog. Like an elderly and chronically ill relative, you require weekly attention. Like a guy your grandmother sets you up with, I approached you only reluctantly.

But once we were thrown together, we became better acquainted. Like strangers in an airport, there formed a camaraderie of necessity. You became a kind of confidant, a sounding board and scratch paper for my many musings. I admit I talked about you behind your back to my friends, but you did not complain, bearing the abuse in silence.

You adapted to fit my needs, accommodating both class material and my personal interests, from history, philosophy and theory of language. Like a real apprentice of Gutenberg himself, you published what i told you to, industriously and without complaint. Though sometimes you were difficult and overly time-consuming, the time I gave you was your compensation and your fair wage.

Yet now your time on this earth has elapsed, as it must for us all. The time has come for your viking funeral, to light ablaze your sad remains and set you adrift upon the endless sea of the Web. Perhaps, another blog may someday rise from your ashes, like a phoenix, a more informed and professional semblance of your former self.

I wish I could say that I miss you, that my life is lacking without you, that I wish we had more time together – but I cannot. We h were far too frank with each other for that kind of shallow sentimentality. We did not rest upon a firm foundation. Class assignments brought us together, and now that class has ended, and so have you.

Alas for these novice days of careless writing. But someone had to bear it and you, oh blog, were the one to bear it all. May my keyboard’s delete button speed thee to thy pixilated resting place.


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